La Vendimia National Celebration

Argentinian people take wine culture very seriously and this scenario...

Argentinian people take wine culture very seriously and this scenario could not be any different, as the country stands as one of the world’s largest wine producers. The Vendimia National Celebration is a moment dedicated to relaxing, toasting and enjoying everything related to wine. The festivity is held every year in Mendoza and it starts with the Fruit Blessing ceremony, where people from the countryside worship gods for the grape harvest.

Right after, three other activities follow this schedule: “The White Queen’s Trail”, “Carousel” and “Main Act” (the most important one, as it is globally acclaimed and there are over 1,000 dancers on stage, dancing to folk music).

This event is one of the country’s oldest celebrations. It Is first mentioned in the mid-17th century, when priests started a wine culture, aiming to produce wine for Catholic masses – as the European versions were too expensive.

Given this scenario, Mendoza became the biggest wine producing town in South America. It receives millions of visitors every year, not only to try the products, which gave the region its global reputation, but also due to its amazing landscapes – an exotic mixture of a dry desert, with the snow of the Andes Mountain Range, which is represented in this region by the Aconcágua Mountain (the tallest on the continent).