Gualeyguachú Carnival

Located in the Entre Ríos province (Argentina), by the river of the same name...

Located in the Entre Ríos province (Argentina), by the river of the same name, Gualeyguachú hosts the largest carnival celebration nationwide.  It is also considered one of the best events in the world, alongside Rio de Janeiro and Venice. The celebration takes place practically every weekend, from January to March. The Murgas – a group of festive people who take to the streets and spread the mood on each and every corner – also represent its spirit.

The Corsódromo – an arena built specially for the event – receives Carnival floats and costumed parades, which resembles the Brazilian Carnival in colors and exuberance. For three months, Murgas members dance to the sound of Candombe, an African rhythm with a lot of drumming. However, the Argentinian people are not restricted to the streets, as they take the parties to their homes, concert halls and night clubs, in order to celebrate until dawn.

Gualeguaychú is 225 kilometers (139 miles) from Buenos Aires, and considered one of the most popular destinations in the country. A Carnival trip may be followed by sightseeing opportunities, in order to dive deeper into the Argentinian culture – places that should be visited: San Martín Square, Urquiza Square and San José Cathedral, which must not be missed by any visitor.